Arimatex your supplier for rubber thread, Spandex, elastic rubber tape, polypropylene and polyester.


Arimatex is a dynamic company specialized in direct sale and distribution of products for the textile industry, in particular elastic yarns in any existing format.
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Exclusive distributor of NRT natural rubber, GARWARE, elastic rubber tape CREORA Spandex for the band and rope industry as well as conventional convolutions.
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Contact us for additional information. From our warehouses in Spain and Portugal our team will assist you and provide the best possible service.
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Our main products are:

High quality Latex Thread coated with TALC and (OR?) SILICONE.

Manufactured in thickness 20-110, BLACK or WHITE colour, standardized packages of 40 threads and special tapes of one to 59 threads.

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In form of BOBBINS, in BEAMS, bared or as a knitted TAPE we deliver the most recognized elastomer on the market: CREORA from Hyosung Co. Ltd.

Our elastomer is used in numerous fields, such as swimwear, hosiery, lingerie and other industrial fields such as diapers.

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Depending on your requirements we also supply following products:

– Elastic rubber tape (LAMINETTE)
– Polypropylene
– Single and double yarns cover
– Polyester
– Weaving looms and auxiliary equipment

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Why do our customers choose us?

      • Because of the quality of our products.
        We distribute only high quality products of the best worldwide recognized manufacturers.
      • Because of our flexibility.
        There are no insignificant orders. We supply both small quantities (from stock as scheduled)  and large supplies directly from the factory to the customer.
      • Because of our delivery speed.
        From our warehouse in Spain and Portugal we are able to quickly and efficiently supply the whole Europe and Maghreb area.
      • Because of our personalized service.
        are involved to resolve all concerns and meet all requests of our customers. Together we develop products and yarns to achieve the objectives of each client.